Demo 2

by Primal League

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Jay - Vocals
Connor - Guitar
Aaron - Bass
Boosty - Drums


released June 1, 2014

Recorded: Josh Bokemeyer
Artwork: Thom Travieso



all rights reserved


Primal League Houston, Texas

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Track Name: STANCE
we dont need your two cents on what unity is! cause your train of thought is all lost in the mix. Scene is perfectly stable with the way things are, with all this potential, it just might go far! So just leave it to us cause we've made our fucking stance!!
Track Name: CHOICE
It's not easy being here, this face paced world in which we fear! But we can do this all on our own, we can fight to live, so we may move on forward! It's so fucking insane that we ridicule each other/ putting others in shame, but we have voice! so we will do what we need to, and can make our choice..with our voice!!
Track Name: BREAK FREE
Life is tough, you and i/that side by side we can unite..break free!!
Track Name: LOST WORLD
It's all one big cycle, can't you fucking see? but i won't let this lost world take ahold over me! Things look different from the top of the ledge, so it's all up to you, fuck that whole blinded pledge. So we must keep ourselves together, before we're swipped off this world forever! Stand up straight! stand up proud! cause every move that you make better be worth it! cause i'm in this..LOST WORLD
Track Name: OUR YOUTH
over and over they put us down, those words and hands push us to the ground! You're just a kid! what do you know? you can't make money by just playing shows? Don't they know that it's not about money and greed? cause we know that nothing in life is free.

At least our youth has something to say, you'd be surprised with what we learn about others everyday! Face the value! x2 Face the truth! x2 Life will move on! x2 if we believe in our youth!